Peak Performance and Personal and/or Spiritual Growth

Katherine Leddick, Ph.D., NY Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Manhattan (Union Square)

Students, musicians, stage performers, athletes, executives, anyone who wants to excel in their chosen field may chose to train with dynamical neurofeedback.  Neurofeedback enhances one’s ability to be present to the task at hand.  It doesn’t take the place of lessons and practice sessions; it helps the performer to make better use of them.  We enhance development of optimal flow and function.

Personal and/or spiritual growth means something different to each of us.  Neurofeedback can help you discover what it means to you – and help you stay the course.

Generally, people who come for these reasons are adults of any age who want to expand and deepen their access to meaning, joy, compassion, and fulfillment in their lives.

Manhattan (Union Square) Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback