Medical Conditions

Neurofeedback can be very helpful to people who are adjusting to living with a chronic or progressive medical condition (such as Parkinson’s Disease or diabetes).

Neurofeedback is also helpful in recovery from traumatic brain injury, surgery or stroke, and in recovery from cancer treatments.

The goals in adding neurofeedback to your medical care are to enhance healing and repair in your body, to enhance psychological adjustment to changes, and to help you feel more like yourself. Sometimes the process includes unanticipated positive changes and a sense of new growth and personal satisfaction.

Often in releasing a chronic “fight or flight” response (overactive sympathetic nervous system), patients are able to improve quality of sleep and improve repair and healing in all body systems. When hippocampal process is supported in the brain, memory and judgments may improve. Mood is usually enhanced as well.

Individual responses vary, of course, and depend on your condition and the treatments and supports you choose. I am happy to work as an integrated part of your team, and happy to help you build your supports as needed.

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