Getting Started with Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy

Manhattan (Union Square) Psychologist Katherine Leddick, Ph.D.

neurofeedback manhattanWhen you come to the office for neurofeedback, we can do a feedback session on the first visit. This gives you a chance to see what dynamical neurofeedback is like.  Over the course of the first several sessions I will listen and ask questions in order to understand your concerns and help us track change. This can all occur while we are training with neurofeedback each visit. The speed of response to neurofeedback is variable, and we usually observe shifts in the first 5 sessions, often sooner. I will be your guide to the process and your therapist as needed. We will work together to observe transformations as they occur and to potentiate the process.

Sessions are scheduled at regular time(s) once or twice a week. Less frequent sessions than once weekly are not usually recommended. More intensive work is available on request.

  • Fees for the initial session (60 minutes) are $300.
  • Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes and are $225
  • Longer follow-up sessions are available (if scheduled) at a prorated fee.

Fees, Payments, and Insurance:

Payment is due at the end of each month and is payable by check, cash, or major credit card. Fees for initial appointments are collected at the time of service. I supply a standard itemized receipt that you may submit to your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits for mental health.  Most people who have out-of-network benefits receive partial reimbursement of fees, usually 50 – 80% of the fees paid, sometimes as much as 100% depending on your contract with the carrier.  I regret I am unable to accept assignment from your insurance carrier.

  • CreditCardAuthorization – Print, complete, sign and bring to session if a parent or other third party will be paying on your behalf.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment is time set aside especially for you. We agree to a twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy: if you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours prior to its scheduled time, you will be billed the full fee. An email may be sent to at any time to cancel your appointment. The earlier you can inform me of a change in your plans, the more efficient use I can make of the time. I also respect your time and make every effort to be punctual for your appointment.

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