Anxiety and Depression Help in New York

NYC Psychotherapist Katherine Leddick, Ph.D.

Many people come for help with an emotional, cognitive, or physical problem. Some common initial reasons for seeking help include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • headaches or other chronic pain
  • focus, concentration, ADD

There are many pathways for arriving at these uncomfortable ways of being. And many ways that a person’s present environment may sustain suffering.

The aim of therapy is to release maladaptive patterns and transform a nervous system that was suffering into a person who is more flexible and resilient, happier, healthier and more capable. With brain training and very careful listening to the responses of the whole person, adults and children can discover more adaptive and fulfilling ways of being. Therapy is about supporting and enriching a process of growth, repair and moving on.

Sometimes people are taking medications already. Many find that over time, they need less medication, and their prescribing doctor reduces the dosage or discontinues medications altogether. Others find that their lives are better with medications. We look for the best outcome for each individual.

Patients With Depression Frequently Suffer From Medically Unexplained Pain

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